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pingrid's Journal

20 September
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I am well over 18 years old.

If you're reading this in a capacity other than as comm mod it's most likely because I've friended you, possibly without asking. If that's the case, please allow me to express my great admiration for your writing and my gratitude to you for sharing it - if I haven't told you so in comments yet I hope to do better in future! Far too often I find myself unable to comment well on fic I read and like; most often it is because the stuff I really like is written so very, very well, language-wise that any praise not of the same lyrical standard just seems too crude to be a compliment. Just writing "Guh, that was _fantastic_" somehow seems so useless. So yeah, if I haven't commented then it's just because I'm embarrassed at not being able to articulate my appreciation.

I tend to quite selfishly friend authors I really like in order to keep up with their work - that being said, if for any reason you'd rather I unfriend you, please let me know. Oh, and naturally I don't expect you to friend me back just because I've friended you. :)

Since my recs and writings will usually be of an adult nature, let me just be clear: it's your responsibility that you don't look at anything here that's not legal for you to see in your location. I would also like to remind you that porn isn't the same as sex even though they have a lot of factors in common, and that you definitely shouldn't read fanfiction as fact.


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